Friday, June 6, 2008

Escaping the Haggis.

Hello to all. I have time for a brief missive before I must be out the door for a ride.

I have been back in my home of Awesome's Creek since late on Sunday. My plane was diverted on two separate occasions due to weather and mechanical malfunctioning, forcing myself and many other passengers to spend a night in Glasgow. I learned many things that evening, not least of which is that haggis is not awesome. Not in the least. I can only imagine how this culinary encounter has adversely affected my fitness.

My late arrival home to the USA forced me to miss a planned cow-themed century ride on Sunday in Union, IL, which if reports I have read are accurate, was quite awesome. I lament missing an opportunity to meet up with online cohorts to bring my own Awesome to the 100 mile. Perhaps next time.

Until then, let the Awesome flow through your legs as you power down the road.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bringing It Home Again

Well, I have had reports from the internet and contacts in the United States that the weather in the Midwest is stabilizing and that temperatures in the 70s are in the offing for the next week.

With this news, I have booked my flight on Lufthansa, which I find to be an awesome airline for their Teutonic efficiency and no-nonsense attendants who keep my glass of wine filled at all times as we arc over Iceland.

However, I have learned of a strange and disturbing phenomenon. Lufthansa will not allow me to purchase a ticket each for my beloved Orbea and BMC bicycles so they might enjoy the same comfort of the first class cabin that I take for granted. When did this happen? I will have to purchase heavy cases and pay extra to have my bicycles ride in the belly of the airplane. This does not make sense to me. I have offered them the full price first class fare to bring the bicycles aboard the plane, yet they would take less money to have them ride in with the other luggage? This is less than awesome, but inquiries to Alitalia, Air France, and American Airlines about their policies concerning purchasing extra fares for each bicycle have all been rebuffed, as well.

When did traveling become uncivilized?

I look forward to returning to Awesome's Creek and riding the wonderful roads in that area. I may meet up with some fellow cyclists this weekend for some riding in Wisconsin and Illinois, should fate smile upon me.

Keep it Awesome.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Broadcasting The Awesome.

Hello to all of you in this new and exciting blog world.

My name is Speedy McAwesome and I love to ride my bicycles in a fast way. You may have seen me on the varied training terrain near my hometown of Awesome's Creek. I also love to ride in the states and provinces surrounding the Great Lakes of the United States and Canada.

This has been an awesome springtime, even though I have not been in Awesome's Creek since January. The cold and snow was not awesome, so I took the advice of trusted confidants and packed up my gear and flew to the lovely Mediterranean Sea area. I have much enjoyed riding in the mountains of Sardinia, Corsica, and in recent weeks Tuscany.

I hope to have photo evidence of these incredible areas in future blogs, but at this point in time my camera is not cooperating. A note to the Nikon Corporation: Your products are not 100% Awesome.

I also hope to feature some reports and links to some fantastic riders and their favorite races and routes.

In the meantime, turn the pedals, enjoy the post ride capuccinos, and always keep it Awesome.